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Preparing for the 4th Trimester Free Webinar
Thu, Nov 26
Nov 26, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM GMT+1
A Talk for Expecting and New Parents all about the 4th Trimester, time to think about how you will care for yourselves and a new baby.
Online 5 Week IAIM Baby Massage Course (0-6Months)
Tue, Nov 24
Zoom Baby Massage Class
Nov 24, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Zoom Baby Massage Class
Come and learn skills that will benefit you and your baby for a lifetime at our 5 Week Certified International Association of Infant Massage Class.


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Perinatal Support, Bump and Beyond

Over this past year, I have heard many awful accounts from parents who feel they have not been able to access the right support following the birth of their baby, and later on, once they realised the realities of how they have been feeling and the impact this is having on daily life.
I am now on a bit of a mission to draw together a network of those who offer Mental Health support to parents. Where can parents turn when they are suffering overwhelm, bonding difficulties, postpartum depression, anxiety, psychosis, and trauma. I know the limits of my counseling services and believe it is vital that all practitioners understand when it is time to refer to alternative specialist services. These services are not always accessible through public health services, or at times parents, especially international parents, need help to understand how to request them. Through joining together we can develop a stronger net to help catch and direct parents to the help they need at the right time.

Little Baby Feet

Now Teaching in Vasastan & Johanneshov

I am excited to be teaching the 5 Week IAIM Baby Massage course in both the north and south of the city as of the end of September. 

Both venues are exclusive use, so you can look forward to a calm and cosy class, without a busy reception to navigate.

You can also find an online class if these venues don't work for you. Check out the Upcoming Events to see all course options. 

Areas Of Service

 English Speaking One to One Support and Classes for Parents in Stockholm, Sweden.

Parental Mental Health & Wellbeing

Time to Talk

Parent Counseling


As a licensed Social Worker I specialise in supporting parents who are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, and emotional discord. I have spent the last 15 years specialising in children and family work, attachment and bonding, and trauma recovery. Using a mixed-methods approach with my clients, drawing on both counseling and psychotherapeutic approaches, my approach is often systemic and supports clients to find their own solutions, recognising that the client is the expert in their own life. 

You may have felt the way you are for a long time and be longing to find a way to feel happier and more like your old self, or you may have been through a big change or experienced a loss more recently and be looking for support whilst you go through this.

Perinatal Mental Health

The term perinatal refers to during pregnancy and up to one year after birth.

Becoming a new parent can throw up all sorts of emotions, brought about by the physiological and hormonal changes in the body, sleep deprivation, stress caused by responsibility, loss of old life and the significant change in life in becoming a parent. Difficult thoughts and feelings can begin during pregnancy and continue post-birth, and can include the resurfacing of emotions and traumatic experiences earlier in life.

You do not need a diagnosis of Postnatal/ Postpartum illness from a doctor to seek support.  For women who have experienced difficult pregnancies, a traumatic birth, adoption processes, or a rocky start to motherhood it is important to be able to talk about this in a safe and supportive environment. Equally, for fathers and partners, the pressures and sleep deprivation that can come with a new child can be incredibly challenging. I offer support to both parents and will always recommend other specialists if I feel it is appropriate.

Simply taking time to talk about what you are experiencing and normalising these feelings can help you to gain insight and control to feel better and begin to enjoy parenthood more.

Bonding &Attachment

5 Week IAIM Infant Massage Course

5 Week International Association of Infant Massage Course. Learn the strokes to give your baby a full body massage and learn how this can help eliminate digestive discomfort, colic symptoms, improve your babies sleep, help sooth teething pain, and boost your babies immune system, all whilst boosting your confidence in understanding your babies cues and developing a bond on another level with your baby that will help them grow into secure, resilient, kind, and happy humans.

Private and One to One Infant Massage Courses

Together With You STHLM can come to you if you need me to. Perhaps you or your little one have been unwell and you'd prefer to learn massage at home in your own surrounds. Or perhaps you have a group of friends and you would all like your own private course. I am also happy to provide one to one Online Classes.

Daddy and Baby Massage Class

Time for father's and partners to have the opportunity to learn the benefits of infant massage and nurturing touch whilst having time connecting with their little one. This is for babies who have already or are attending a 5 week IAIM course.

About Me

I am a mum of 2 young children originally from Scotland and have been supporting families for 15 years. I know just how much a little support can help parents to navigate the choppy waters of parenthood. I believe that no parent has to go through what can be the biggest challenge of their lives on their own so at Together with You, I provide group and individual classes and one-to-one counseling support to give you the time that you deserve.

As a qualified Social Worker and Certified Infant Massage Instructor,  I focus on deepening your confidence as a parent, whilst developing your skills to nurture and promote your baby's physical and emotional health and wellbeing. 

For International Parents living here in Stockholm without family or close friends nearby, it can be hard at times, and local support and consultation when you need it can improve your wellbeing.

All my services are in English.


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