Perinatal Support, Bump and Beyond

Over this past year, I have heard many awful accounts from parents who feel they have not been able to access the right support following the birth of their baby, and later on, once they realised the realities of how they have been feeling and the impact this is having on daily life.
I am now on a bit of a mission to draw together a network of those who offer Mental Health support to parents. Where can parents turn when they are suffering overwhelm, bonding difficulties, postpartum depression, anxiety, psychosis, and trauma. I know the limits of my counselling services and believe it is vital that all practitioners understand when it is time to refer to alternative specialist services. These services are not always accessible through public health services, or at times parents, especially international parents, need help to understand how to request them. By joining together we can develop a stronger net to help catch and direct parents to the help they need at the right time. If You would like to join the network you can contact me below.